Two Brothers Events Co | Adelaide tipi furniture lighting hire | FAQ


Q: How many guest will fit in a single tipi?

A: A single tipi is the ideal space for up to 70 seated guests, or 80 standing guests, and with the sides raised, you can entertain up to 100 guests.

Q: Are the tipis waterproof?

A: Yes, the tipi canvas has been manufactured in a way that makes them completely waterproof, we can ensure that if it rains your guest will be cosy and dry.

Q: What if the weather is terrible?

A: The tipis are completely waterproof and in the heat we recommend having most of the sides up to allow plenty of air flow through the tipis. If strong winds are forecasted, we do have to take certain precautions with altering the tipis configurations and having more sides down. For this reason, it is always a good idea to have a site that has wind blocks or some protection from the elements.

Q: What is the ideal tipi site?

A: There are many things to take into consideration when choosing your tipi site not only for us to be able to perform our role and rig the tipis but also consider your type of event and the people attending. The below are some points to consider:

  • Your site must have heavy and long vehicle access, our equipment can weigh up to 3.5 tonnes and due to the vehicles length and weight tight corners, unsafe sloping land can be dangerous for our crew and equipment.
  • Grounds must be level, unfortunately slight slopes or uneven land can affect our equipment and make it unsafe and impossible to set up on. Your guest tables and chairs will also be affected by any incline or decline in land.
  • The area must be free from flooding this includes vehicle access to the site.
  • The area must be free from any underground works (electrical, gas & water pipes etc)
  • If the site is exposed and wind gust are experienced, we always recommend a plan B location that is more protected – this is to prevent any stress on the day in case of a sudden turn in weather.

Q: How much space do I need for a single Tipi?

A: A large flat open paddock is ideal for any Tipi set up. We recommend a minimum space of 20 x 20 metres for a single Tipi, the space must also be accessible for our vehicles to drive up to so our lovely crew can unload our heavy equipment right at the site’s location.

Q: We have a tennis court that we would like a tipi set up on, can this be done?

A: No, unfortunately we cannot set up our Tipi’s on hard surfaces, Tipi’s require a large pin to be staked into the ground, we choose to do this for the safety of our crew, equipment, you and your guests.

Q: What is the rental duration?

A: Hire duration is for two nights, if your event is on a Saturday evening we will generally set up the tipis on the Friday with the pack down on the Sunday, these times can change and is dependent on what events we have on that week.

Q: Do we need security at our event?

A: Yes, you will need to have a responsible person/s with the tipis at all times, if your event is on a secured private property you will not require a security as long as the tipi/s are out of public view. If your event is being held in a public space you will definitely need security to ensure the tipis are safe during the hire period.

Q: My family are all tradies, can we set the tipis up ourselves?

A: No, the tipis require our fully trained and qualified Crew members to erect the tipis. The tipis are no small feat to erect and for many reasons must only be handled by Two Brothers crew members who have years of experience rigging tipis.

Q: How do you calculate your delivery fees?

We have a standard rate for local delivery for one vehicle, if you require additional furniture that may exceed the load capacity, this will require an additional delivery for another vehicle on the road. Delivery charges include loading time and unload at our warehouse and travel time to your event’s location.